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The advisors of M-47 Corporate Advisors are always ready to provide highest quality of service. There is always a soltution to find.

What We offer?

Company incorporation in Poland and abroad, sale of ready - made companies:

We specialize in formatting and rendering complex legal and accounting services for companies in Poland and many jurisdictions around the world. We are able to provide our clients with legal services at every stage of the registration procedure:

  • Selection of an optimal legal form for business activity,
  • Coordination of internal company structure i.e. source and line up of company organs,
  • Accord of points in company agreement,
  • Determination of amount of initial capital und the payment method,
  • Preparation and participation in memorandum of association at notary,
  • Preparation and filling of the application for registration in the Register of Companies.
  • Our offer includes also ready -made companies with seats in Warsaw, Kielce, Gliwice and Lublin.

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